Do you want a more efficient production and a greater return on your fish farm?

The Company

Blue Unit prides itself as an innovative Company that was founded on a practical fish farming tradition. Practical fish farming knowledge is still central to the Blue Unit concept, where gathered water quality data is combined with professional support to help fish farmers better manage their fish farms.

Our Vision

To be the company that provides the best water quality measuring technology and to be recognized as giving the best professional advice for the fish farm industry.


Blue Unit was founded by David Owen in Denmark in 2009, as a consultancy specialising in land based fish farm water quality management. David Owen is an Australian, educated in biology and agricultural economics, and has over 20 years of international fish farm design and management experience.

A farm manager needs to maximise the speed and quality of management decisions. In Blue Unit we understand that for achieving this there is a need to rely on good water quality measurements and to rapidly combine this with other useful fish farm data. Therefore in 2012, work began on a prototype water measuring device and software that could both measure water quality online and combine it with other data collected on the fish farm, and convert it into a useful tool to make better decisions faster. In 2015 the Blue Unit Company has been restructured and new partners have entered to the business.

Lab Station Development


The Blue Unit Lab Station was originally prototyped on a farm in Egtved, Denmark. A single location in the water treatment system was measured. The machine was tested for automatic cleaning, measuring water quality, oxygen mass flow, and water flow. The trial continued for 1 year using the same pump and sensors that we use today.

blue unit lab station prototype1
Figure 1 Prototype machine

Machines Mark II

There are 3 pieces of Mark II machines in existence- 2 in Chile and 1 in Denmark.

These machines run successfully an automatic cleaning sequence, measure water quality, oxygen mass flow, power consumption and water flow. These machines measure water quality in 2 different places.

blue unit lab station markii
Figur 2 Mark II Machine

Machines Mark III

The Mark III machine is being built today. It builds on the technologies developed from the prototype and Mark II machines, using the same pumps and sensors.

The Mark III machine is upgraded namely by the fact that it measures water quality in a lot more places and also will measure some new water quality parameters. This represents a natural progression for the technology.